My Dream

My Little Dream

年轻的时候,趁自己脑子还算能转得过来,我想创造一些属于我的东西,创造一些让我有本身价值的东西。 When I am still young with some talents, I want to create something that belong to myself. For example, I want to do research.

当我老去的时候,当我不再需要价值和金钱的时候,我想开家餐厅和酒吧,做我喜欢吃的东西,卖给喜欢吃它们的人。调一些我想要调出来的酒,酒是个好东西。 When I get old, requiring no more money or any value, I want to hold a bar and a restaurant. I will make food that I like, and sell them to people who also like them. I want to create some special cocktail, wine/Spirits are good staffs.